Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baseball with Cola

Every Thursday rm 15 go to play Baseball with Cola at the bottom field. When we got there Cola divided us in to two teams, one team was called Cola the other was called Pepsi. I was in Cola.

My team was batting first. When I was waiting for my turn to bat I had butterflies in my stomach, because I was thinking that I was going to do a very bad hit or miss the ball. It was almost my tern I felt like I wanted to walk away but I didn’t because I was also excited.

Finally it was my turn. I hit the ball as hard as I could and I thought that I did a pretty good hit. Running as fast as I could I sprinted on the bases but Brodie already had the ball. I thought that I could make it but he got me and I didn’t get a home run.

After the game it was time to go back to class. I had a great day. I can’t wait for next Thursday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Holiday Highlight

Excitedly rushing to get out of the car, I quickly grabbed a fishing rod and and ran as fast as a eagle swooping down from the sky. I went fishing with my mum, dad, two brothers our CFC friends. My mum didn't know how to cast the fishing line so she asked my dad to our friends dad caught the first fish it was very small my. My mum and I almost caught a fish but we caught a pies of plastic. While the kids where looking at the fish they caught, my mum caught her own fish, my mum was thrilled. After that we kids kept looking at the fishes we even named the fishes. Then it was time to go home.

I hope we can do this again.