Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I must admit, this year has been pretty challenging but it has also been a lot of fun. I love using my Netbook to share all my journeys with the world. It is also a great learning tool. For example...

Our Netbooks help us to learn at school and for most of us at home too. There is an advantage to taking your Netbook home. Like, getting ahead or catching up on your work. At my class we work independently. So we can work on whatever we want, when we want. It is also helps us to be cyber smart. We also like to take charge so instead of bugging your teacher or our friends, you can just search it up on the internet. Plus it’s way better than working on a boring old books and pencils.

But Netbooks are not perfect. Sometimes the internet doesn't work. I think we should make the Netbooks safer and stronger because it can break really easily. I would like our Netbooks to be a higher quality. And the webcam is also has a couple of problems.

But over all I have loved working with my Netbook. Thank you to all the people that made this happen. I'm very excited to use this amazing tool again next year!                  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Camp Moments

Camp... it’s fun, a great place to hang out with friends and make new ones. Camp is also full of hilarious moments. And most of the time they come when least expected. Like...

There was this boy called Henry in my camp team, I must admit he not a boy “boy” If you know what I mean. But we were still friends. Our first activity was Kayaking, thats were we found out that Henry was terrified with stingrays!

Here’s the story Erin (our kayaking instructor) had a great day for us planed. We were going to kayak to an island called Survivor Island! And on the way there we past stingray bay. Were obviously we saw heaps of stingrays. We even named one “Mr. Mansion” because our team name is Mansion. Weird right?! “Look Henry, there’s a stingray under your kayak,” I yelled out (In a good way). Of course that was before we knew that he was gonna hit it with his padal! “HELP! AHHH,” he screamed in absolute fright. He ALMOST tipped out of his kayak.

We started cracking up! And guess what, when we went sailing we tricked him to thinking that there was a huge stingray under his sail boat. Once again he panicked and almost fell out of the sail boat... AGAIN! I was speechless. Two second later... Everyone and I absolutely Everyone was laughing at him! If I could describe Henry in one way it would be, HILARIOUS!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree!

There are some, well lots of up sides to having a special job at school. For instance I am an ambassador  at school. And I got invited to a very very special trip to the Lighting of the Telecom Tree!

 Only very special people in the school got invited. We got to take our family too. Telecom also  provided us with transportation and a small dinner. Did I mention everything was free! That's right transportation, dinner, whole family, plus fun for the kids and entertainment for the adults. 

By entertainment I mean famous artist like Massad and Titanium!!! If  you have not heard of them they are awesome singers. When I saw them I ran on stage to have a better look ;)! And when they have finished they of course people want photo's and autographs. So go over to see the them! I got to hug Massad and take a photo with two members of Titanium!!! I was so starstruck!  

Of course everyone came to Victoria park for the fun but most of all the lighting of the tree.  I could never think of a better way than this to start the Yuletide Season. Thank you very much Telecom for  the magnificent night! Merry Christmas to all!!!  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


B: I wish we had bigger tens to sleep in, wish we had bigger space to kayak in and I also wish that we had the whole pool to swim in (in he GI pools).
A: They should add more clues to the Get Lost game and more life guards for kayaking.  
R: We should change the table tennis into badminton.

B: I want my tent as big as the hall so I can have a huge tent party there.
A: I would add chocolate to our three course breakfast.  
R: ?


A Haiku is a Japanese poem.

I love chocolate.
Chocolate is yum.
Melts in my mouth.

Mrs.Tele’a's hair
Tied in a ponytail.
Nice silky hair.
Black hair and long.


In term two the extension group learned about Robin Kahukiwa and his painting Wahine. I made this copy of of the painting. On the right is my drawing of Wahine.  Hope you like it!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day My Favourite Toy Came Alive!

I love toy's and I got lots of them when I was a child. Some would be small some would be big but one particular toy was my favourite... it was my crawling baby Minnie Mouse. I used to take her every where I went. She even had her very own stroller! I made a video about her not so long ago. If you want to watch it its called My Toy Story... Movie 

I still remember when I was young I took baby Minnie Mouse to the mall in her stroller. I treated her like a real live person or mouse! To me she was always alive. I feed her, I walked her and I played with her. All I can say is she was living a babies dream!!!

But then something tragic happened... "It's lost!" I screamed.  My mother ran up the stairs to see what I was so upset about. It's like it just crawled away!? I cried and cried and cried. You know what else I did? I cried! That night I didn't sleep, not one bit. I saw my Dad and Mum eating breakfast. When they saw me they both smiled. "Good morning," my Dad greeted. "Look what we found..." Mum said. It was Minnie Mouse! I leaped with happiness!

At that day I promised I would never let go of it ever again! But sadly that promise was never kept. I gave her to my baby cousin because I was too old to have her any more. And I have never seen her again!

Friday, October 26, 2012

World's Biggest Donut!!!

Like any other day my mum would asked me to go to the Pt England dairy and get something for her. Today she asked my to get milk for my brother because, well... all he really eats his Milo cereal. And without the milk he won’t ate anything at all! So I rushed off to the dairy. As walked past my school, to my surprise I found a huge crowd gathered in front of the bakery doors. “W-what is going on” I said in confusion. The lady next to me quickly answered my question. She said “Don’t you know, the worlds biggest donut is in that very bakery.”

Carefully trying to squeeze through the large crowd, I got a little glimpse of what they called the biggest donut in the world! And tell you what... it was about the size of the bakery itself!!! Mmmm look at that donut, ohh sorry didn’t I tell you that I love love love donuts! All I could think of was, can I eat it, can I ate it?!

And then I realized that the bakery workers were trapped inside the kitchen! The donut was way too big that it trapped them inside!!! They needed help and quick. With no hesitation I ran though the screaming crowd and herreid to the dairy and asked for there fire extinguisher.

Then I ran through the crowd again and slammed the fire extinguisher on the door of the bakery! I did this several times but it didn’t work. So I found a stronger man to do it for me! And sure enough... the door cracked open!!! The bakery workers were free! They all thanked me for saving them. “It was nothing” I said proudly. After I ran straight home with the milk and told my family about my fantastic day! While I was telling them the story... I was also munching down on my World's Biggest Donut!!!   

My Toy Story... Movie

I hope you enjoy my movie!
My favorite toy!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My wet Holiday!

Have you ever had a holiday of when you just mainly swim in the pools? Well that was my whole holiday once! It was so fun but afterwards I would always be so tired that I would take a 30 minute nap! Did I mention that this was every day for a whole two weeks!

After all the hard work I have put into all the swimming... it was all worth it! Now I'm so awesome at swimming. Even better I can now swim eight laps of an Olympic sized pool!!! New record. I love to swim. It is to favourite and best sport!                                                                                                                                                 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes... YUM!!!

Last week our school extension group made Thai fish cakes from let's cook parmco. At first I thought that they were going to be too different and I won't like them. But when I saw the video of how to make them, that all changed. They actually looked and tasted great! I would definitely make this again! You should try making it too.

Elmo's World

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Extra Maths... two seconds!!!

You might have reed my last post about Extra Maths and this is the next story. I am now on 2 seconds addition! After three terms I have finally finished the three second course. And hopefully I can finish the two second addition faster than the three second one! And I'm almost done... good luck to me!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finally Past Multiplication!!!

Have you seen my story about almost past multiplication? Well that was in the past and this is the future ... I have just past multiplication!!! I'm now on division! It looks hard but I really don't know! Hopefully it's going to be easier than it looks!!!  Wish me lot's of luck :)!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The World’s Biggest Sneeze

Achooo!!! And there goes another window! Oh, excuse me. I have a really bad case of the sneezes! You might want to stand back a bit. You might not know so I’ll tell you I have the world’s biggest sneeze ... Achoo!!! Well at least the doctor thinks so... oh no, I made another hole in the roof!

I really don’t know how I got my sneeze, neither does my doctor! All we know is that one morning I got up from bed aaa... Achooo!!! Ohh man not again! Now we need a new wall! Anyway, my mum always says that in my Dad’s side of the family they have always sneezed and sneezed and sneezed! She says I got my horrible case of sneezes from them. But I really don’t know!

Achoo!!! That was an astronomical one! Not the new plasma TV!!! Ohh Mann!!! Every time I sneeze something breaks! As you can see(The window, hole in the roof , the wall and the plasma TV) Even at school. No one wants to sit next to me because they're worried I would sneeze and break something or even someone!

My doctor says the only way I can stop destroying things is to cover my mouth when I sneeze. And you know what... he’s right! Everytime I cover my mouth surprisingly nothing gets broken! It is also good because my sneeze won’t spread! I mean the last thing you would want is a bunch of kids spreading a case of the world’s biggest sneeze!!! Right?!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Almost past multiplication!!!

As you may know I had a lot of trouble on Extra Maths for subtraction. But I still managed to pass. Multiplication isn't that hard at least not as hard as subtraction! I'm almost there!!! Only one more question and I've passed. Wish me luck!!! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Have you heard of Archery?

Archery is one of many olympic events. The aim of the event is to shoot arrows at a target and they need to be the most accurate to be crowned the winner! Did you know that the first Archery competition was set in Finsbury, London, in 1583. It attracted more than 1,000 participants!

If you are thinking about trying Archery you will need a bow, arrows, a target, and gloves to protect your hands. You can play Archery indoors or outdoors. In indoor Archery competitions archers must shoot 20 ends using only 3 arrows at each end, the distance that indoor archers must shoot from is 18m to 25m. Outdoor Archery also has the same rules except the distance for outdoor Archery is a range of 30m to 90m!

It will take a lot of hard work to win gold in the olympics for Archery. You will need to have great hand and eye coordination and also great accuracy be able to even be considered to be in the olympics! The most accurate person and the one that shoots their arrow from the furthest distance win the big gold medal!!!

Why don’t you try out Archery and see if you are good at it. If you are you might even end up in the olympics some day!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet Tooth

Mid afternoon sugar craving? Really need a pick me up? I know the feeling, that only chocolate could ease! Hey in case you didn't now I am a chocoholic!

My mum always says I've got her genes. We never miss a day without having our sweet food. We also love to bake desserts. It's amazing how we satisfy ourselves with all our sugar cravings!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One great athlete!

Have you ever heard about a great olympic athlete called Mariana Avitia? Her full name is Mariana Avitia Martínez. She was born in September 18, 1993 in Monterrey, Mexico. She is in the Archery Women's Mexican team.

The sport that Mariana competes in is Archery. As you may have heard she is really good at it. She won bronze for the individual women's Archery in the london 2012 summer olympics. At the 2008 Beijing summer olympics she finished her ranking round with a total of 641 points. The women's Mexican team (Mariana Avitia’s team) finished with a gold in the 2011 Guadalajara Pan American Games!!!

The reason I picked Mariana Avitia as my favorite athlete is because when I saw her play Archery in the olympics on television... I was amazed of what she can do. I was very inspired by her determination. Just by watching on television she taught me to never give up whatever happens!!!

I hope you have learnt something from this story. And also enjoyed it. Whatever your goal is don’t stop untill you reach it. Even if it takes a while, keep going!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have passed subtraction... YAY!!!

Like addition it took me a long time to finish my subtraction on XtraMath... but I did it! And now I'm up to multiplication. Hopefully multiplication won't take me very long!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Great Valerie Adams

Did you hear about our awesome Valerie Adams? She just won GOLD!!! This is because her rival Nadzeya Ostapchuk was taking steroids and when the judges heard about it she got disqualified. Adams went from silver to gold!

At first Valerie was very disappointed with her silver and also because she lost her record for the three times she won gold in a row. Now we all know that Valerie is truly the best shot put player ever!

I just found out this morning that Nadzeya Ostapchuk accused Valerie Adams for using steroids in 2005! But we all know Valerie would never cheat and would never disappoint her country. Valerie Adams is a true champion!!!

We look forward to the Rio De Janeiro 2016 olympics. I can’t wait to see Valerie in action once again!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Translate

Isara is a friend of mine, told me about this awesome website called Google Translate. Have you heard of it? If you haven't I can tell you all about it.

Google Translate is a website where you can learn how to speak in Spanish, German, Japanese and hypes more. I learnt how too speak French with this website. I f you are going to another country and don't know how to speak there language Google Translate is going to be very helpful.

Did I mention that Google Translate can also beat box? Well it can. You can find out how at Isara's blog.

I hope you like the website because I do!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Awesome Life Education Caravan!!!

Last week on Thursday and Friday Room 16 went to the life education caravan or life ed for short. The life education caravan is a fun place to learn about all sorts of topics! This year we learnt about our tenana (our body.)

Lynn is the one who introduces us to Harold the giraffe. She is also the one who teaches us everything we need to keep our tenana healthy. I learnt some facts about what our tenana needs every 24 hours. Did you know that energy drinks have caffeine in them?

I learnt that I have to feed my tenana every day to keep it in tip top shape. We learnt heaps from harold and Lynn. And we got some new friends out of the experience too.

My favorite part in the experience was when the whole class sang karaoke! The song we sang was “Supercomputer”, it is a really catchy song. It was a funnny song but even the boys sang along. In fact the boys in my class sang louder than our teacher and all the girls combined!!!

We all love going to the life ed caravan. I hope you will get the opportunity to meet harold as well. I think you’ll like him.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting ready for an awesome camp!!!

All my bags are packed for a great weekend getaway! Not even the rainy weather could stop it. It will be an exciting, fun learning about God with my friends at KFC (Kids For Christ.)

Our theme for this event is MOVE... by God, for God, with God.I will be performing in the “World Changers” song. There are also interesting line ups of cool workshops. Three of these workshops got my attention. I signed up for journalism, photography, singing and recycle runway fashion.

We are so blessed to be part of this community because not only we get to do cool stuff but also we get to know more about our coolest friend, Jesus!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazing Gecko Facts!!!

Geckos are amazing creatures. The more you learn about them the more you will want to own one!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My great holiday!!!

Holidays are always fun for everyone!!! It is kind of a special holiday for us and especially for my brother because his birthday.

His first request was going to the movie. We watched “Ice Age 4”. It was really cool and funny, we all cracked up!!! Then we had our lunch at KFC because my brother loves their chicken. We went straight to the AMF bowling alley after lunch. It was disappointing because there was no available slot for us to play bowling. We had to move to paradise ice skating instead.

Ice skating is an awesome exercise. It’s odd how we sweat in the middle of an ice rink! We got better each time we try new tricks. We have improved a lot since our first time we tried it. It was really cool.

We all had an amazing day and in the next school holidays... can’t wait for my birthday!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Me as an olympian!!!

This is me as an olympian! The sport I would like to do is Archery. In this photo I am in the olympics representing New Zealand in Archery!!!  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The New Olympic Theme!

It’s a new term which means new theme and this terms theme is “GO FOR GOLD!!!” (The Olympic Games) Perfect timing because this term we're going to have the cross country race and athletics day. No doubt we’re going to have lots of sport going on in the term!!!

Today at immersion assembly my favourite team performance was team three. I liked their combination of movies and acting. The teachers pretended to be olympians from the nineteens Olympic Games!

I learned a couple of facts about the Olympic Games and some of the olympians too. Did you know that in 1952 a New Zealand olympian Yvette Williams won a gold medal for long jump and In 1954 at Gisborne she set a new world record with a jump of 6.29m! She held the record for 18 months (1954 and 1955) Awesome right!!!

Hope you enjoyed my story. In the Olympic Games I'm going to be cheering "Go New Zealand!!!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My PEPA Experience

Hi my name is Jouan, and I'm here to tell you about my dream of being a ballet dancer and how (Point England Performing Arts) PEPA made it come true. Read this story if you want to follow me in my way to making my dreams come true!!! 

Do you have a dream, that you think will never come true? Well I'm here to prove you wrong and to prove that dreams do come true! I had a dream to be a beautiful and famous ballet dancer. 
Guess what it really did come true!!!

I joined PEPA  because I was inspired when I watch the royal ballet in a spacial field trip. They all danced so gracefully and they were all so beautiful. I just had to sign up for the PEPA ballet group.

It was a great and very fun experience for all of us that were in the group. We had a tutor from royal ballet her name was Hannah. She tout us all the actions and did everything. I think we got the best tutor that royal ballet can give!

Our song was "Black Eyed Peas - One Tribe". There were lots of training and hard work involved in the process but still all worth it!!! It turned out amazing and all our hard work payed of!!!

Follow your dream, work hard and it will come true. It did for me, well all of us!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KFC Ice Skating

Last Thursday we had a fund racing event for KFC (Kids For Christ). Can you guess what we did? We went Ice Skating at Paradise Ice Skating.

I went with my family, cousins and my aunt. I also saw some of my friends in KFC too. "This is going to be really fun," I said to my cousin. She reply back "No doubt about it!"

It was my first time to ever Ice skate, so I didn't know what to expect. Some of my friends say "When you get on the ice you will fall straight to the ice." It was so cold inside. There was a lot more people than I expected. 

When I got on the ice I couldn't go as fast but after a couple of minutes I got the hang of it. My cousin on the the other hand couldn't even stand up on the ice by herself!

We still had an awesome time and a great experience! Not to mention, it's for a good cause too. I can't wait till we come back next time!!!   


Friday, June 29, 2012

Emily and Jay!!! Part 1.

The main characters in this story is two kids, a boy and a girl. Their names are Emily and Jay. Jay is Emily’s older brother. They keep fighting and their parents have had enough! So they sent them to their uncle Matt who took them for a camping trip. Did they just needed a little fresh air and nature? Because when they got home after the holidays they changed a lot!!!

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw our dog with a one of dad’s scary masks from a horror movie he saw recently, I jumped in fright. As soon as I calmed down I know that it was just my brother trying to pull another prank on me! “Jay,” I yelled stomping furiously to his room. He was laughing to the top of his lungs because of the prank!!! “I’m telling mum,” I said.

“Mum, mum,” I screamed! Mum yelled back “What, what’s wrong?” “Jay scared me again,” I furiously said. Not again my mother thought. “Jay get over here right this minute,” she said. “What now,” Jay asked. Mom asked “Did you scare your sister again?” “No I did not, she’s lying again mum,” Jay fighted back. I screamed back “Oh yes you did...” And we started to fight again!!! “STOP IT THE BOTH OF YOU!!!” mum said with a furious voice. We looked at her straight away. With a serious voice my mother said “Now me and your father have had enough of your nonsense fights, so we arranged for your uncle Matt to look after you two in the holidays (which is tomorrow) .” “WHAT,” Jay and I said in a big shock. But mum was too serious right now for a fight so we just went to our rooms and stayed there all day long.

The next morning mum was all relaxed again. “Good morning guys,” she said with a kind voice. “Yay I just remembered... It’s the holidays now!!!” I excitedly said. Jay said “Well since it’s the holidays I’m gonna hang out with friends.” “Hang on a second,” Mum said, “Did you forget what I said last night... I said you guys are going to your uncle Matt’s house for the holidays!” “What we're still doing that, I thought you were just joking last night!” my brother said. Mum said back “Yes we are still doing it, now go up to your room’s and pack your uncle Matt will be here in half an hour. “ Uncle Matt loves to explore, I’m sure we're gonna have lots of fun with uncle Matt.

(Half an hour later) “He’s here, uncle Matt’s here!!!,” I excitedly said. Racing down stairs, I saw him come through the door. I gave him a huge hug. Mum gave him a warm welcome too. Mum shouted to Jay “Jay your Uncle Matt’s here”. “I’m coming, I’m coming” moaned Jay. “Jay hey, wow you two have grown alot since the last time I saw you guys” Said Uncle. “Well yes, the last time you saw them was when they were still babies,” mum answered him. “Oh ya, where is my brother by the way(Jay and My dad),” (Jay and My dad) Uncle asked. With a kind voice mum answered back “He’s at work.” TO BE CONTINUED...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picaso Rock Star!!!

This is my Katy Perry Picaso rock star. Picaso is an artist that looks at things in different ways. And his art is very weird but cool at the same time!!!

PES Art Gallery

This is my favourite piece of art from PES Art Gallery! It is made by Kaiden in room 20 Point England School. It is called "My Special Place!!!" The things I like about this piece of art is the great use colours.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Great Teacher!!!

Hi I’m Jouan, and my teacher is Mr. S well at least I think he’s the BEST!!! He gives us really fun and cool stuff to do. He puts on music when we're working well. But what I like best about my teacher is that when he’s generous he gives us lots of green cards.

And that's just the beginning!!! I mean what more can you ask for in a teacher. But sometimes he tells really dry jokes but we still laugh. If we don’t finish our work by friday we get detention. Thats a good thing that I’ve never had detention!!! But for all we know “Mr. S is the best!!!”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shopping in America!!!

Whenever we go to the mall it reminds me of when we're going to America. My grandmother that lives there promised me that I could by what ever I want and when I get home my closet should be filled with brand new clothes and shoes! All kinds of brands even really really expensive brands.

Imagine when I get back here my hands are going to be full of new clothes shoes and all sorts of other stuff! I hope that I can go there someday! That would be the best ever experience in my whole life!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A great time at Aussie Rules!

Do you guys know what sport Room 16 and Room 17 are playing this term? Aussie Rules\ Kiwi kick. I have played this game last year, I don’t usually like sport but I think that Aussie Rules is an awesome game! If you want to know about a great term of Aussie Rules this is the story for you!!!

“Yes” I said. Were playing one of my favorite games Aussie Rule or Kiwi Kick! I think that it is a great game, I'm not really into sport though. Walking to the court I was wondering if it was the same instructor? Sadly it wasn't but our new instructor seemed nice too. Their names are Sandwich and Anita.

We quickly got into action. We had two short warm up’s and one of them was Flush The Toilet. It’s a really funny game. We had lots of fun and that was only the warm up. Imagine the actual game!

“Ohhh” I said, is it really the last game? I want stay and play more but no. Our fun day slowly came to an end but not just yet we still have our last game. For the last game we played one of our favorite game with a twist, can you guess what it is? Octopus “YAY!”, with a twist “huh?” I thought. Instead of just chasing you they have to do a hand pass. But it was still the same fun cool game that I love.

Well thats it for now. I hope that you enjoyed my story. And please visit my blog again soon!!!!

My progress - Week 6 Term 2

This is my progress this week. I think that I've done very well.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pluses are finally finished!!!

While I was playing XtraMath I thought "Finally", as I saw the screen of my netbook. It took one and a half terms just to finish pluses on my XtraMath but at least I passed!!! :D YAY!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


This term our fantastic school is learning about art and not just any art but Art Alive. Art is one of my favorite things in the world. I was so happy when I heard that we were learning about art! I’d be happy to tell you about some of the things we are learning about so listen carefully.

“Finally,” I shouted. It’s school time again, I said Hi to all my friends then hung up my bag. I was wondering what the topic was for this term? I was talking to my friends when something caught my eye. It was the topic board, I found myself gazing up on the beautiful art on the wall and the words “ART ALIVE”! Wow I thought to myself this is going to be a great term.

Walking to assembly I wonder what kind of hilarious costumes and performances we will see. As I sat down I saw the small Mr. J dressed as a paint set. I thought that was the best costume at assembly but then I saw Miss. Garden dressed as a painting! I saw a lot more funny costumes I just didn’t know which one to pick.

A lot of laughs went on as the performances started. They were all funny but I think that team 3’s performance won me over. Their performance was about Mrs Barks going to Paris to visit the biggest art museum in the world! It’s was so awesome! I just know this term is going to be the best!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Swimming - it's going to be great!

New Zealand is surrounded by water, so people that live in New Zealand should know or learn how to swim. We are so lucky because our school has swimming lessons and everyone loves it. If you want to find out about the fantastic two weeks of swimming lessons than this is the perfect story for you!!

“YAY” our class said, it’s finally time for our swimming lessons at the Glen Innes aquatic centre. Everyone is so excited, I mean who doesn't love swimming? Anxiously walking to the pools, I thought of all the new things I'm going to learn. As I walked through the doors of the pool, I got greeted by the strong smell of chlorine.
Trying to get changed as quick as I can, my friend told me to hurry up! We had time for a little bit of a gossip in the changing room but then we really had to hurry up! Finally I’m done. Once I got out Mr. S gave me 10 green cards! Almost time to get into the pool. Exited!

Jumping in the warm pool I I took a test to see how good I was in swimming. There was a team one (learning), two (good) and three (great). It turns out I’m really good at swimming! For the first day I swam in the really deep pool, my confidence slowly swam out of my reach. The water was a lot colder but I can handle it. Our instructor gave us a board and told us to swim one length of the pool kicking. At first I thought it was going to be easy but as I got to the middle my leg muscles got tired... then more tired, untill I had to just STOP! My instructor told me to keep going as I’m almost at the end, and I had no choice but to listen to her. “Ok,” the teacher told me, “You will be in group two from now on.” There is no doubt that for the next two weeks it will be great. I love Swimming!!!     

Monday, April 30, 2012

The big BBQ sleepover!!!

Last Friday I had a sleepover at my cousin’s house and I got to spend the rest of the day there with my brothers. It was like any other day at my cousins house. It was so cool because we played on the computer and then played some outdoor games with the little kids. “Guys, it’s time for Spongebob and almost time for dance academy!” my older cousin said. We all sat on the couch and watched until they were finished. “Ok time to go play outside again,” the little kids said! We all ran around like crazy but still having fun! “Look our parents are here” I said loudly as the cars parked in the driveway. My dad said to get in the car as my mum went out. When we were ready to go my mum was still talking to my uncle. I overheard my mum and uncle say “Lets have a big BBQ sleepover” and mum said “sure.” “What's going on?” I said to my mum, they're whole family including my grandparents are having a sleepover. “Awesome” I thought to myself!!!
As the smell of cupcake filled the air my cousins car drove into our driveway. We started the BBQ and had a great time. The adults were cooking, the little kids were outside and I was inside on my computer playing games. “Ok now its 10:00 aready time for bed” the adults said. We all said our good nights and went to bed. It was a fantastic day, I wonder how tomorrow will be? our driveway. We started the BBQ and had a great time. The adults were cooking, the little kids were outside and I was inside on my computer playing games. “Ok now its 10:00 aready time for bed” the adults said. We all said our good nights and went to bed. It was a fantastic day, I wonder how tomorrow will be?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great Rotorua

A week before the Easter holidays my grandparents came here to visit us for a couple of months. They stay with my cousins while they're here. "Just one more week of school" I said to myself. "Besides were staying at Rotorua for the weekends, YAY!!! Ooh did I forget to tell you that my cousins family, my grandparents and of course my family are going to Rotorua for the weekends. I'ts my cousins first ever time to go to Rotorua, they're super excited. If you want to know about our fantastic trip to Rotorua then keep reading.

On the 29th of March it was just one of those normal days, untill my cousin call us on the phone and ask me if my mum or dad told me that were going to Rotorua tomorrow after school. That was a really big shock for me. I told her "NO". (cousin)"Well, did you at least know about the house that we got?" (me)"NO" again. (cousin)"Can you ask you're mum if she booked it already?" (me)"She said that shes doing it right now." (me)"Does this mean that I have to pack after school?" (cousin) "Yes, yes it does." Outside I looked calm but inside I was in panic mode.

(Friday) Before we go to Rotorua we have to go shopping then pick up my mum then go to my cousins house then off to go to Rotorua. Let's start the long road to Rotorua. I ride in my cousin's car. We just look at the sites and played some hand game since that was all we can do. It was getting dark and it harder for us to see. After a 3 hour drive, we finally got there. Time for bed we all said our good nights then snuggled up in our beds and had the rest of the night sleep.

(Saturday) Waking up to the sound of TV, I hurried to eat some breakfast.Then all the kids explored the house. Lets go to the luge and the skyline. After that went back home we begged the parents to take us kayaking. At the end we won over them kayaking and boy did we have a great time. It's our second and last night here at sad. But it's been fun so far. I'm looking forward for tomorrow's adventure.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Presented to Len Brown

Last Friday the mayor of Auckland, Mr Len Brown came to our school. I am one of the ambassadors (ambassadors means people who welcome visitors.) First of all we each took turns to introduced ourselves to the mayor.

It was finally my turn. Proudly speaking in front of the mayor and other people I said my lines and then said “I would like to take your photo and add it to our visitors book, so don't forget to smile.” I took the photos and left the room so I could print them.

Slowly waiting for the photo to come out of the printer, I thought I was late and the mayor was leaving but it turned out that I was just in time. I asked all the visitors to sign their photos then left to get on with the rest of the day.

It was very exciting to meet someone important!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Duffy theater

Last week Wednesday the Duffy theater came to our school to preform a new story. In the act their names were “Duffy, Scruffy, Marvel. Marvel Is the best book in the world, in the story of course. Its not just any kind of story telling, they still talk but they also have to act it out some times too. I’m exited cause the Duffy theater is always really cool.

This year the story was mostly about Marvel the best book in the world. Marvel was going to a garage sale but then this kid Duffy who loves reading found her just as she was about to go to the garage sale. Duffy read Marvel and found out about the people that Marvel in the past too.

But then Scruffy, Duffy’s little brother wanted to play with so they had a brilliant idea of Duffy reading Marvel to Scruffy. And they all had fun reading together.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tickets to Auckland

This week end my mum and uncle brought some tickets for my Grandmother and Grandfather to come here. They really just want to see my cousin because they have not talked each other face to face in five years!!! They must really miss each other. My granddad didn’t want to come with my grandmother because he was worried about the house but my grandmother but she might miss her flight, she almost did the last time she went out of the Philippines but good thing my granddad was there. Come to think of it, it is her first timeout of the country by her self. So he had no choice he had to come with her firstly because we begged him to and secondly he was worried about my grandmother. It is so exiting.

This morning we talked about where would we take them? First we said Waihiki island but its winter its going to be really cold at the beach. Then we all said in the same time “Rotorua.” It’s perfect sins its winter we can go to mt.Ruapehu. “Can not wait.”

Friday, February 17, 2012

My blog blrub

Hi to all the people that are following me on my blog. I am 10 years of age and a year six student in room 16. My name is Jouan. I'm the kind of person who likes art. I like to play netball with my freinds. Like to Go swimming. I have a mum and dad named Judith and Rofino and two brother’s named Ronn and Rodd. My favorite singer is Jessie J and my favorite movie is Wild Child.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me, myself and I

Hello everyone,
as you know my name is Jouan, I am 10 years old turning 11 at September 17. I was born and raised in the Philippines moved to NZ when I was Six year 2007. My hair is black and strait like most of the girls in my family. I have brown eyes the same as my dad.

My favorite subject is Art, I like to draw make up ideas. I also like to do 3D canvas Art. Whats your least favorite subject?, mine is fitness because I'm no good in running, jumping or anything like that. Rather then that I love school.

Netball and swimming are the two sports that I'm really good at. I think that Jessie J is the grates singer of all time!! I think that the cutes animal is a Dolphin because there harmless and easy to play with. I like the TV show Big Bang Theory It's funny and very scientific.

Whats your favorite movie? Mine is Wild Child, you can really learn a thing or two in it. I adore chocolate, I would eat it for breakfast if I could. My favorite book is Baby sitters. Ooh and I love the computer game Club Penguin.

We have five people in our family Judith and Rofino (Mum Dad) Ronn and Rodd (Bros). Every Sunday after church I ask my Mum can I go shopping, I love to go shopping with my Dad's money or mine I really don't care. I also like to sing or play instrument like the guitar and piano.

When I grow up I want to be a flight attendance. Because I want to travel the world. My Role model is Nathalie Gene Tolentino (Cousin). She is the perfect Role model for me, I'm like her right side assistant.