Friday, June 29, 2012

Emily and Jay!!! Part 1.

The main characters in this story is two kids, a boy and a girl. Their names are Emily and Jay. Jay is Emily’s older brother. They keep fighting and their parents have had enough! So they sent them to their uncle Matt who took them for a camping trip. Did they just needed a little fresh air and nature? Because when they got home after the holidays they changed a lot!!!

Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down and saw our dog with a one of dad’s scary masks from a horror movie he saw recently, I jumped in fright. As soon as I calmed down I know that it was just my brother trying to pull another prank on me! “Jay,” I yelled stomping furiously to his room. He was laughing to the top of his lungs because of the prank!!! “I’m telling mum,” I said.

“Mum, mum,” I screamed! Mum yelled back “What, what’s wrong?” “Jay scared me again,” I furiously said. Not again my mother thought. “Jay get over here right this minute,” she said. “What now,” Jay asked. Mom asked “Did you scare your sister again?” “No I did not, she’s lying again mum,” Jay fighted back. I screamed back “Oh yes you did...” And we started to fight again!!! “STOP IT THE BOTH OF YOU!!!” mum said with a furious voice. We looked at her straight away. With a serious voice my mother said “Now me and your father have had enough of your nonsense fights, so we arranged for your uncle Matt to look after you two in the holidays (which is tomorrow) .” “WHAT,” Jay and I said in a big shock. But mum was too serious right now for a fight so we just went to our rooms and stayed there all day long.

The next morning mum was all relaxed again. “Good morning guys,” she said with a kind voice. “Yay I just remembered... It’s the holidays now!!!” I excitedly said. Jay said “Well since it’s the holidays I’m gonna hang out with friends.” “Hang on a second,” Mum said, “Did you forget what I said last night... I said you guys are going to your uncle Matt’s house for the holidays!” “What we're still doing that, I thought you were just joking last night!” my brother said. Mum said back “Yes we are still doing it, now go up to your room’s and pack your uncle Matt will be here in half an hour. “ Uncle Matt loves to explore, I’m sure we're gonna have lots of fun with uncle Matt.

(Half an hour later) “He’s here, uncle Matt’s here!!!,” I excitedly said. Racing down stairs, I saw him come through the door. I gave him a huge hug. Mum gave him a warm welcome too. Mum shouted to Jay “Jay your Uncle Matt’s here”. “I’m coming, I’m coming” moaned Jay. “Jay hey, wow you two have grown alot since the last time I saw you guys” Said Uncle. “Well yes, the last time you saw them was when they were still babies,” mum answered him. “Oh ya, where is my brother by the way(Jay and My dad),” (Jay and My dad) Uncle asked. With a kind voice mum answered back “He’s at work.” TO BE CONTINUED...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Picaso Rock Star!!!

This is my Katy Perry Picaso rock star. Picaso is an artist that looks at things in different ways. And his art is very weird but cool at the same time!!!

PES Art Gallery

This is my favourite piece of art from PES Art Gallery! It is made by Kaiden in room 20 Point England School. It is called "My Special Place!!!" The things I like about this piece of art is the great use colours.

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Great Teacher!!!

Hi I’m Jouan, and my teacher is Mr. S well at least I think he’s the BEST!!! He gives us really fun and cool stuff to do. He puts on music when we're working well. But what I like best about my teacher is that when he’s generous he gives us lots of green cards.

And that's just the beginning!!! I mean what more can you ask for in a teacher. But sometimes he tells really dry jokes but we still laugh. If we don’t finish our work by friday we get detention. Thats a good thing that I’ve never had detention!!! But for all we know “Mr. S is the best!!!”

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shopping in America!!!

Whenever we go to the mall it reminds me of when we're going to America. My grandmother that lives there promised me that I could by what ever I want and when I get home my closet should be filled with brand new clothes and shoes! All kinds of brands even really really expensive brands.

Imagine when I get back here my hands are going to be full of new clothes shoes and all sorts of other stuff! I hope that I can go there someday! That would be the best ever experience in my whole life!!!