Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tickets to Auckland

This week end my mum and uncle brought some tickets for my Grandmother and Grandfather to come here. They really just want to see my cousin because they have not talked each other face to face in five years!!! They must really miss each other. My granddad didn’t want to come with my grandmother because he was worried about the house but my grandmother but she might miss her flight, she almost did the last time she went out of the Philippines but good thing my granddad was there. Come to think of it, it is her first timeout of the country by her self. So he had no choice he had to come with her firstly because we begged him to and secondly he was worried about my grandmother. It is so exiting.

This morning we talked about where would we take them? First we said Waihiki island but its winter its going to be really cold at the beach. Then we all said in the same time “Rotorua.” It’s perfect sins its winter we can go to mt.Ruapehu. “Can not wait.”

Friday, February 17, 2012

My blog blrub

Hi to all the people that are following me on my blog. I am 10 years of age and a year six student in room 16. My name is Jouan. I'm the kind of person who likes art. I like to play netball with my freinds. Like to Go swimming. I have a mum and dad named Judith and Rofino and two brother’s named Ronn and Rodd. My favorite singer is Jessie J and my favorite movie is Wild Child.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me, myself and I

Hello everyone,
as you know my name is Jouan, I am 10 years old turning 11 at September 17. I was born and raised in the Philippines moved to NZ when I was Six year 2007. My hair is black and strait like most of the girls in my family. I have brown eyes the same as my dad.

My favorite subject is Art, I like to draw make up ideas. I also like to do 3D canvas Art. Whats your least favorite subject?, mine is fitness because I'm no good in running, jumping or anything like that. Rather then that I love school.

Netball and swimming are the two sports that I'm really good at. I think that Jessie J is the grates singer of all time!! I think that the cutes animal is a Dolphin because there harmless and easy to play with. I like the TV show Big Bang Theory It's funny and very scientific.

Whats your favorite movie? Mine is Wild Child, you can really learn a thing or two in it. I adore chocolate, I would eat it for breakfast if I could. My favorite book is Baby sitters. Ooh and I love the computer game Club Penguin.

We have five people in our family Judith and Rofino (Mum Dad) Ronn and Rodd (Bros). Every Sunday after church I ask my Mum can I go shopping, I love to go shopping with my Dad's money or mine I really don't care. I also like to sing or play instrument like the guitar and piano.

When I grow up I want to be a flight attendance. Because I want to travel the world. My Role model is Nathalie Gene Tolentino (Cousin). She is the perfect Role model for me, I'm like her right side assistant.