Friday, May 20, 2011

Tower Challenge

Yesterday Room 14 and Room 15 split classes. Half of us went to Room 14, the other half stayed in Room 15. We both did different activities. I was in Room14 first.

We watched a movie about kids who made
different inventions. Saadiya, Mya and I were a team. Then we named inventions and wrote what they were for. After this it was time for lunch.

While I was lined up I thought about what we were going to do in room15. I found out once I got in the classroom. We were going to build a tower out of newspaper. Mr Marks gave us some tips but he didn't give any to the other team, I think the other team were angry!

Then we went to make our towers. At first we were struggling and our tower kept falling down and Cheyanne was in panic mode. We tried to make it stand and make it tall but at the end our tower was small and it fell to the ground. So Cheyanne smashed it even before Mr Marks judged it. I was sure we weren't going to win.