Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day My Favourite Toy Came Alive!

I love toy's and I got lots of them when I was a child. Some would be small some would be big but one particular toy was my favourite... it was my crawling baby Minnie Mouse. I used to take her every where I went. She even had her very own stroller! I made a video about her not so long ago. If you want to watch it its called My Toy Story... Movie 

I still remember when I was young I took baby Minnie Mouse to the mall in her stroller. I treated her like a real live person or mouse! To me she was always alive. I feed her, I walked her and I played with her. All I can say is she was living a babies dream!!!

But then something tragic happened... "It's lost!" I screamed.  My mother ran up the stairs to see what I was so upset about. It's like it just crawled away!? I cried and cried and cried. You know what else I did? I cried! That night I didn't sleep, not one bit. I saw my Dad and Mum eating breakfast. When they saw me they both smiled. "Good morning," my Dad greeted. "Look what we found..." Mum said. It was Minnie Mouse! I leaped with happiness!

At that day I promised I would never let go of it ever again! But sadly that promise was never kept. I gave her to my baby cousin because I was too old to have her any more. And I have never seen her again!

Friday, October 26, 2012

World's Biggest Donut!!!

Like any other day my mum would asked me to go to the Pt England dairy and get something for her. Today she asked my to get milk for my brother because, well... all he really eats his Milo cereal. And without the milk he won’t ate anything at all! So I rushed off to the dairy. As walked past my school, to my surprise I found a huge crowd gathered in front of the bakery doors. “W-what is going on” I said in confusion. The lady next to me quickly answered my question. She said “Don’t you know, the worlds biggest donut is in that very bakery.”

Carefully trying to squeeze through the large crowd, I got a little glimpse of what they called the biggest donut in the world! And tell you what... it was about the size of the bakery itself!!! Mmmm look at that donut, ohh sorry didn’t I tell you that I love love love donuts! All I could think of was, can I eat it, can I ate it?!

And then I realized that the bakery workers were trapped inside the kitchen! The donut was way too big that it trapped them inside!!! They needed help and quick. With no hesitation I ran though the screaming crowd and herreid to the dairy and asked for there fire extinguisher.

Then I ran through the crowd again and slammed the fire extinguisher on the door of the bakery! I did this several times but it didn’t work. So I found a stronger man to do it for me! And sure enough... the door cracked open!!! The bakery workers were free! They all thanked me for saving them. “It was nothing” I said proudly. After I ran straight home with the milk and told my family about my fantastic day! While I was telling them the story... I was also munching down on my World's Biggest Donut!!!   

My Toy Story... Movie

I hope you enjoy my movie!
My favorite toy!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My wet Holiday!

Have you ever had a holiday of when you just mainly swim in the pools? Well that was my whole holiday once! It was so fun but afterwards I would always be so tired that I would take a 30 minute nap! Did I mention that this was every day for a whole two weeks!

After all the hard work I have put into all the swimming... it was all worth it! Now I'm so awesome at swimming. Even better I can now swim eight laps of an Olympic sized pool!!! New record. I love to swim. It is to favourite and best sport!                                                                                                                                                 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes... YUM!!!

Last week our school extension group made Thai fish cakes from let's cook parmco. At first I thought that they were going to be too different and I won't like them. But when I saw the video of how to make them, that all changed. They actually looked and tasted great! I would definitely make this again! You should try making it too.

Elmo's World

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Extra Maths... two seconds!!!

You might have reed my last post about Extra Maths and this is the next story. I am now on 2 seconds addition! After three terms I have finally finished the three second course. And hopefully I can finish the two second addition faster than the three second one! And I'm almost done... good luck to me!!!