Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospective student - MaryL, Jorja, Jouan

As the young boy gripped tenuously on the unstable rock, it suddenly fell and he was left dangling on the ledge of a mountain. As quickly as he could he reacted and struggled to climb out of the situation he was in. Relieved and exhausted he was glad that he had reached his destination. At long last he had finally reached the dojo and thought to himself “My dream of becoming a kung fu master is finally here”. I hope the sensei accepts me”, hopes the boy.

Anxious and curious he knocked on the dojo door with no idea on what to expect. Suddenly the huge door opened and standing in front of the boy was the sensei. To show respect the young boy bowed, but the sensei pointed directly to his right and slammed the door. The young boy was confused and he thought to himself “What a waste of time”.

By not giving up and losing faith the young boy thought he had to prove himself worthy by meditating all day and night til the morning sunrise. Still deep in meditation, the boy did not realize that the Sensei was standing in front of him. The boy opened one lazy eye and once again the Sensei pointed to his right and slammed the door.

The hopeless boy dropped his head in sadness and walks away. Suddenly he had changed his emotions, from depressed to furious. He stormed back to the dojo and karate kicked the enormous door down. The sensei came out again. “I challenge you to a karate battle!” demanded the boy. The sensei pointed in frustration to his right. Turning his head the boy notice the sign that the sensei had been pointing at. “PLEASE USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE!” said the sign. Embarrassed and feeling dumb the boy curled his arms up like a girl and walked onwards.

Writen by: MaryL, Jorja, Jouan 

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