Tuesday, November 27, 2012


B: I wish we had bigger tens to sleep in, wish we had bigger space to kayak in and I also wish that we had the whole pool to swim in (in he GI pools).
A: They should add more clues to the Get Lost game and more life guards for kayaking.  
R: We should change the table tennis into badminton.

B: I want my tent as big as the hall so I can have a huge tent party there.
A: I would add chocolate to our three course breakfast.  
R: ?


A Haiku is a Japanese poem.

I love chocolate.
Chocolate is yum.
Melts in my mouth.

Mrs.Tele’a's hair
Tied in a ponytail.
Nice silky hair.
Black hair and long.


In term two the extension group learned about Robin Kahukiwa and his painting Wahine. I made this copy of of the painting. On the right is my drawing of Wahine.  Hope you like it!