Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I have passed subtraction... YAY!!!

Like addition it took me a long time to finish my subtraction on XtraMath... but I did it! And now I'm up to multiplication. Hopefully multiplication won't take me very long!


  1. Hi Jouan,
    You have a awesome short story about finishing subtraction. Keep it up

  2. Wow Jouan
    your smart. I hope you don't get stuck on multiplication again.
    And remember don't give up.

  3. Hey Jouan,

    WOW! That is a big achievement. I just need to work on one more question then, I've passed divided by's. Great maths work by the way.

    By Taeshell

  4. Hey Jouan,

    That is such a big effort!! When it gets to 2 seconds you will have to keep on trying your hardest... :)
    Keep It Up

    #Love Asena#


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