Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cross Country

Guess what our school did last Wednesday? Yup, we did cross country. Cross country is just a running race but every year we get longer tracks to run. I was in Takitimu.

This year our track is a little bit dangerous, I was absolutely terrified when I saw it. The track was very rocky and shelly. Most of all it had lots of calm shallow ponds and crocked bridges.

I was very nervous and scared, I wondered if I can even finish the race. When we got to the starting line I was shacking. When Mr.Burt clapped his hands we started to run, pass the first seniors and on the shelly paths. Zigzagging on the bridges and sharp paths, I was finally close to the finish line, I never thought that I could get this far.

Passing the fence and running to the finish, I was just relived that I made it. When I crossed the finish line I was huffing and puffing, inside I felt proud. When I looked back at what I did I felt like I had just finished a mission like in mission impossible

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