Monday, March 5, 2012

Duffy theater

Last week Wednesday the Duffy theater came to our school to preform a new story. In the act their names were “Duffy, Scruffy, Marvel. Marvel Is the best book in the world, in the story of course. Its not just any kind of story telling, they still talk but they also have to act it out some times too. I’m exited cause the Duffy theater is always really cool.

This year the story was mostly about Marvel the best book in the world. Marvel was going to a garage sale but then this kid Duffy who loves reading found her just as she was about to go to the garage sale. Duffy read Marvel and found out about the people that Marvel in the past too.

But then Scruffy, Duffy’s little brother wanted to play with so they had a brilliant idea of Duffy reading Marvel to Scruffy. And they all had fun reading together.


  1. AMAZING! What a wonderful piece of writing about the Duffy Theater. I liked watching them act. Maybe next time try to use a hook to hook in our audience. B.T.W that's a really nice story.

    From Taeshell

  2. Wow what amazing story. Did you like it? Well I will be waiting for your next blog.

    KEEP IT UP!!!!


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