Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great Rotorua

A week before the Easter holidays my grandparents came here to visit us for a couple of months. They stay with my cousins while they're here. "Just one more week of school" I said to myself. "Besides were staying at Rotorua for the weekends, YAY!!! Ooh did I forget to tell you that my cousins family, my grandparents and of course my family are going to Rotorua for the weekends. I'ts my cousins first ever time to go to Rotorua, they're super excited. If you want to know about our fantastic trip to Rotorua then keep reading.

On the 29th of March it was just one of those normal days, untill my cousin call us on the phone and ask me if my mum or dad told me that were going to Rotorua tomorrow after school. That was a really big shock for me. I told her "NO". (cousin)"Well, did you at least know about the house that we got?" (me)"NO" again. (cousin)"Can you ask you're mum if she booked it already?" (me)"She said that shes doing it right now." (me)"Does this mean that I have to pack after school?" (cousin) "Yes, yes it does." Outside I looked calm but inside I was in panic mode.

(Friday) Before we go to Rotorua we have to go shopping then pick up my mum then go to my cousins house then off to go to Rotorua. Let's start the long road to Rotorua. I ride in my cousin's car. We just look at the sites and played some hand game since that was all we can do. It was getting dark and it harder for us to see. After a 3 hour drive, we finally got there. Time for bed we all said our good nights then snuggled up in our beds and had the rest of the night sleep.

(Saturday) Waking up to the sound of TV, I hurried to eat some breakfast.Then all the kids explored the house. Lets go to the luge and the skyline. After that went back home we begged the parents to take us kayaking. At the end we won over them kayaking and boy did we have a great time. It's our second and last night here at sad. But it's been fun so far. I'm looking forward for tomorrow's adventure.

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