Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A great time at Aussie Rules!

Do you guys know what sport Room 16 and Room 17 are playing this term? Aussie Rules\ Kiwi kick. I have played this game last year, I don’t usually like sport but I think that Aussie Rules is an awesome game! If you want to know about a great term of Aussie Rules this is the story for you!!!

“Yes” I said. Were playing one of my favorite games Aussie Rule or Kiwi Kick! I think that it is a great game, I'm not really into sport though. Walking to the court I was wondering if it was the same instructor? Sadly it wasn't but our new instructor seemed nice too. Their names are Sandwich and Anita.

We quickly got into action. We had two short warm up’s and one of them was Flush The Toilet. It’s a really funny game. We had lots of fun and that was only the warm up. Imagine the actual game!

“Ohhh” I said, is it really the last game? I want stay and play more but no. Our fun day slowly came to an end but not just yet we still have our last game. For the last game we played one of our favorite game with a twist, can you guess what it is? Octopus “YAY!”, with a twist “huh?” I thought. Instead of just chasing you they have to do a hand pass. But it was still the same fun cool game that I love.

Well thats it for now. I hope that you enjoyed my story. And please visit my blog again soon!!!!

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