Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day My Favourite Toy Came Alive!

I love toy's and I got lots of them when I was a child. Some would be small some would be big but one particular toy was my favourite... it was my crawling baby Minnie Mouse. I used to take her every where I went. She even had her very own stroller! I made a video about her not so long ago. If you want to watch it its called My Toy Story... Movie 

I still remember when I was young I took baby Minnie Mouse to the mall in her stroller. I treated her like a real live person or mouse! To me she was always alive. I feed her, I walked her and I played with her. All I can say is she was living a babies dream!!!

But then something tragic happened... "It's lost!" I screamed.  My mother ran up the stairs to see what I was so upset about. It's like it just crawled away!? I cried and cried and cried. You know what else I did? I cried! That night I didn't sleep, not one bit. I saw my Dad and Mum eating breakfast. When they saw me they both smiled. "Good morning," my Dad greeted. "Look what we found..." Mum said. It was Minnie Mouse! I leaped with happiness!

At that day I promised I would never let go of it ever again! But sadly that promise was never kept. I gave her to my baby cousin because I was too old to have her any more. And I have never seen her again!

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