Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mysterious Black Hole (part 2)

If you had a mysteriously magical black hole what would you do with it? Would you be greedy?
Would you share it? There’s no telling what you could do. Until you do it. I have experienced this before. Hi I’m Jewel, and I am going to tell you all about how I got fired from work because of my temptation from a little piece of paper.

I’m now currently living in with my sister and her son because I am money, no job and nowhere else to go. I am poorer than you can imagine. Now I am relying on my sister to fill all of my needs for me. Until of course she gets sick of me and kicks me out of the house. How did I end up like this you ask, well it was like this...

I was just at the park with my niece, minding my own business (I was doing a favor for my sister.) Then out of the blues, a piece paper landed on my face. I screamed non stop until it fell on the ground. My niece was staring at me like I was crazy then just kept playing. I picked it up from the middle of the paper and my hand went straight through the black hole! Which was illustrated on the paper. Before I could investigate, my niece asked “Auntie I’m bored can we go home now?” “Sure,” I answered back.

“Hi Mummy,” said Analise.(Analise is my niece's name and Joey is my sister.) Joey answered back, “Hi honey”. “Thanks for taking her to the park Jewel, you were a big help,” Joey thanked me. I said back, “Huh ohh it was nothing, I’d better be going home now.” “Ohh ok,” she said.

As soon as I got home I shut all the curtains, windows and doors. I locked myself up in my room to investigated the piece of paper. I put my hand through the black hole again, just to be sure I wasn't seeing things. But I’m sure I was. It happened again, my hand went straight through. Now I was terrified and curious! So I just kept experimenting with it for a few more days and found out it’s true power.

It can go through things! For example: I brang it to work one day to test it out. I used it on the vending machine. While no one was looking I got a picnic bar out for free using the black hole. I got more and more tempted by it. Before I knew it, I stole heaps of things from, I don’t even know where!

One day I did something that cost me my job, my whole life! I was super obsessed that time I didn’t know what I was doing, I just did it. It was way over the top, it was sky high crazy. Did I tell you that I worked at a jewelry store. Can you guess what I did? That’s right I stole all the jewelry in the store! Alarms went off, police came. I was in jail for three years. I never saw the Black Hole again. And I never want to.

Well that’s my story. I know it’s tragic but it had a good ending, sort of. The question still remains, what would you do?

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