Tuesday, July 10, 2012

KFC Ice Skating

Last Thursday we had a fund racing event for KFC (Kids For Christ). Can you guess what we did? We went Ice Skating at Paradise Ice Skating.

I went with my family, cousins and my aunt. I also saw some of my friends in KFC too. "This is going to be really fun," I said to my cousin. She reply back "No doubt about it!"

It was my first time to ever Ice skate, so I didn't know what to expect. Some of my friends say "When you get on the ice you will fall straight to the ice." It was so cold inside. There was a lot more people than I expected. 

When I got on the ice I couldn't go as fast but after a couple of minutes I got the hang of it. My cousin on the the other hand couldn't even stand up on the ice by herself!

We still had an awesome time and a great experience! Not to mention, it's for a good cause too. I can't wait till we come back next time!!!   


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