Thursday, July 26, 2012

My great holiday!!!

Holidays are always fun for everyone!!! It is kind of a special holiday for us and especially for my brother because his birthday.

His first request was going to the movie. We watched “Ice Age 4”. It was really cool and funny, we all cracked up!!! Then we had our lunch at KFC because my brother loves their chicken. We went straight to the AMF bowling alley after lunch. It was disappointing because there was no available slot for us to play bowling. We had to move to paradise ice skating instead.

Ice skating is an awesome exercise. It’s odd how we sweat in the middle of an ice rink! We got better each time we try new tricks. We have improved a lot since our first time we tried it. It was really cool.

We all had an amazing day and in the next school holidays... can’t wait for my birthday!!!

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