Friday, December 7, 2012

Camp Moments

Camp... it’s fun, a great place to hang out with friends and make new ones. Camp is also full of hilarious moments. And most of the time they come when least expected. Like...

There was this boy called Henry in my camp team, I must admit he not a boy “boy” If you know what I mean. But we were still friends. Our first activity was Kayaking, thats were we found out that Henry was terrified with stingrays!

Here’s the story Erin (our kayaking instructor) had a great day for us planed. We were going to kayak to an island called Survivor Island! And on the way there we past stingray bay. Were obviously we saw heaps of stingrays. We even named one “Mr. Mansion” because our team name is Mansion. Weird right?! “Look Henry, there’s a stingray under your kayak,” I yelled out (In a good way). Of course that was before we knew that he was gonna hit it with his padal! “HELP! AHHH,” he screamed in absolute fright. He ALMOST tipped out of his kayak.

We started cracking up! And guess what, when we went sailing we tricked him to thinking that there was a huge stingray under his sail boat. Once again he panicked and almost fell out of the sail boat... AGAIN! I was speechless. Two second later... Everyone and I absolutely Everyone was laughing at him! If I could describe Henry in one way it would be, HILARIOUS!!!

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