Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree!

There are some, well lots of up sides to having a special job at school. For instance I am an ambassador  at school. And I got invited to a very very special trip to the Lighting of the Telecom Tree!

 Only very special people in the school got invited. We got to take our family too. Telecom also  provided us with transportation and a small dinner. Did I mention everything was free! That's right transportation, dinner, whole family, plus fun for the kids and entertainment for the adults. 

By entertainment I mean famous artist like Massad and Titanium!!! If  you have not heard of them they are awesome singers. When I saw them I ran on stage to have a better look ;)! And when they have finished they of course people want photo's and autographs. So go over to see the them! I got to hug Massad and take a photo with two members of Titanium!!! I was so starstruck!  

Of course everyone came to Victoria park for the fun but most of all the lighting of the tree.  I could never think of a better way than this to start the Yuletide Season. Thank you very much Telecom for  the magnificent night! Merry Christmas to all!!!  


  1. Hey Jouan!

    It sounds like you had a great time at the Telecom Tree, I'm glad you enjoyed it. How cool were Titanium?!

    Merry Christmas.

    Harriet Muir

  2. Hey Jouan
    So jealous you got to get a photo with Titanium - i missed out :( !
    Awesome blog - everyone at Telecom is so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves
    Lizzie @ Telecom


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