Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Awesome Life Education Caravan!!!

Last week on Thursday and Friday Room 16 went to the life education caravan or life ed for short. The life education caravan is a fun place to learn about all sorts of topics! This year we learnt about our tenana (our body.)

Lynn is the one who introduces us to Harold the giraffe. She is also the one who teaches us everything we need to keep our tenana healthy. I learnt some facts about what our tenana needs every 24 hours. Did you know that energy drinks have caffeine in them?

I learnt that I have to feed my tenana every day to keep it in tip top shape. We learnt heaps from harold and Lynn. And we got some new friends out of the experience too.

My favorite part in the experience was when the whole class sang karaoke! The song we sang was “Supercomputer”, it is a really catchy song. It was a funnny song but even the boys sang along. In fact the boys in my class sang louder than our teacher and all the girls combined!!!

We all love going to the life ed caravan. I hope you will get the opportunity to meet harold as well. I think you’ll like him.

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  1. Hey Jouan,

    Cool post, and I love going to the life ed caravan. Most people don't, but I do. I remember singing the supercomputer song. Oh, great writing by the way. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK.

    FROM Taeshell


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