Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Great Valerie Adams

Did you hear about our awesome Valerie Adams? She just won GOLD!!! This is because her rival Nadzeya Ostapchuk was taking steroids and when the judges heard about it she got disqualified. Adams went from silver to gold!

At first Valerie was very disappointed with her silver and also because she lost her record for the three times she won gold in a row. Now we all know that Valerie is truly the best shot put player ever!

I just found out this morning that Nadzeya Ostapchuk accused Valerie Adams for using steroids in 2005! But we all know Valerie would never cheat and would never disappoint her country. Valerie Adams is a true champion!!!

We look forward to the Rio De Janeiro 2016 olympics. I can’t wait to see Valerie in action once again!!!


  1. This is a great piece of reporting Jouan. You have given the facts very clearly as well as expressing your own opinion to make the writing sound personal.

    Well done

    Mrs Burt

  2. Great writing Jouan. I really liked the facts that you have stated here. I really liked how Valerie Adams was composed and did not say anything bad about her opponent and rival Nadzeya Ostapchuk. I also hope she gets her gold medal soon too.

    From Miss Lavakula


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