Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making Ice Cream!

Can Room 15 make ice cream using 3% fat milk?

Equipment + Ingredients
Equipment -
Small Zip-loc bag
Big Zip-loc freezer bag
Hand towel or Gloves to stop your hands from freezing!

Vanilla essence
Crushed ice


1. Mix 1/2 cup of Milk, 1/2 TSP of Vanilla essence and 1 TBSP of Sugar in the Small Zip-loc bag. Make sure that before you close the bag to take as much air out of it first, then seal tightly.

2. Put 1 or 2 cups of Crushed ice in the Big Zip-loc freezer bag and dust with 1 or 2 TBSP of Salt.  

3. Place the Small Zip-loc bag with Milk mixture into the Big Zip-loc freezer bag with Ice and Salt and seal tightly, also remember let as much air as you possibly can out of the bag before sealing.

4. And now for the fun part. Cover the bags in your towel or put your gloves on. And shake the bags for five to ten minutes. The check your mixture to see if it is ready. If it is no longer a liquid texture and more of a ice creamy one then it is ready, If it is still soft then continue shaking for a little while longer.    

My ice cream went from vanilla flavored milk to... an actual ice cream! Plus it was super delicious! It was just like what an ice cream should be.  
And our ice cream was a lot healthier than the ones you can get in the supermarket shelves!

Further Questions or Research to Do.

What happens if we use different flavored milk?
Why do we need to put salt on the ice?
How will the ice cream turn out if we use a different kind of milk? Like trim and lactose free ext.

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  1. Hey Jouan,
    This Ice-Cream sounds so DELICIOUSNESS!! I really love how you told me step by step on how to create this yummy ice-cream. I hope that when I test this recipe out it'll turn out exactly how I wanted it to ( just like yours).
    Sincerely From Jorja


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