Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

What I think -
I think that THAG (The Heart Attack Grill)  must not be allowed to open in New Zealand! Infact I think it shouldn't be allowed to operate anywhere in the world!!! The world and everyone in it doesn't need that kind of fatty food!

Reason 1 -
The reason I think that The Heart Attack Grill should shut down is because of the amount of fat they have in their food.  
Evidence -
The owner himself said to the world that his food is bad for your health and well being! He knows what the food does to people, but still sells it anyway! Jon Basso is the founder of The Heart Attack Grill said “THIS IS DANGEROUS!!!” And the restaurant's motto is “Taste worth dying for!” Literally DYING  for!

Reason 2 -
You would think that The Heart Attack Grill stops at heaps of fat in their food right? WRONG!!! Their food may also kill people with a very bad case of obesity! Yes, KILL!  
Evidence -
There are signs around the restaurant that says “If you're over 350 pounds... EAT FOR FREE!” So that encourages people that are already overweight to get fatter, which leads to obesity! Recently my grandmother’s brother in-law died because of obesity. And it can happen to one of your family members too. Even The Heart Attack Grill’s very own spokesperson, Blair River, died because of serious pneumonia.

Reason 3 -
Jon Basso is promoting his restaurant using his customers and Blair’s death! He says that his food is telling people that the USA needs shock surgery to cure obesity. And says that people need to stop eating fat full foods.

Counter argument -
Is Jon really spreading the word about fatty foods? Maybe so, but still he is selling food that may kill people. Is he trying to send out an important message or just making money and promoting his restaurant?

I truly believe that The Heart Attack Grill should not be allowed to open in NZ.

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