Thursday, May 9, 2013 - that power

The most amazing thing just happened at my school. A super special visitor just came, can you guess who it was???? HINT: the frontman of a band called... BLACK I PEAS!!! Thats right the man himself! The amazing, the spectacular, WILL.I.AM!!! He just gave us an amazing gift. 100,000$ to the manaiakalani education trust!  
Untitled ft justin biber: THAT POWER

Ms.King told us to listen to this song and write down what we thought the lyrics mean.
I think that this song mean’s - never give up, make your dreams a reality and like in the lyrics “I got that power!” Everyone has a chance to make their dream real. So if your chance comes, be sure to take it! I also thought that the song reflects his childhood. Heres the story!

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