Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prince's and princess's

Once upon a time the fairy princess Samantha set off or on an adventure to find her true fairy prince.

Everyday she would slowly pack her stuff for her day. She would save fairy dust that her mother gave her. She was finally ready.

But one day, all the Fairy men died of fairy eating zombies and only lady fairies were left.

Samantha was crushed. Her worst nightmare came to true, her enemy must have made the zombies. Why did they do that?

Because of that, she travelled far far away to find a prince that truly loved her.

She finally arrived at a magical land that had no zombies and had princes and Princesses!

She was determined to find a fairy prince. That land had a Lot of single fairies.

After that she meet up with a fairy prince name. They did something together. Until finally she found her love and they were together for 3 years!

Ever since that, they had a child and have been married for 3 years until they divorced.

The moral of the story is finding your true soul mate who is honest, loving and caring fairy prince and everyone has that some where in them.


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