Friday, April 5, 2013

Spongebob and Patrick Surfing

Today Miss King told us to do that same writing challenge as yesterday. This time we have to add
action and detail to the Spongebob Squarepants Surf Short #1. Again, Hope you like my story...

One beautiful sunny day down in the deep blue sea, Spongebob and his best friend Patrick, were down at the beautiful Goo lagoon. They were working on their surfing skills.
“WooooW!” Sponge bob screamed as he was tumbled over by the huge waves. Patrick shook his head in disappointment “Oooo.” Light bulb/ Idea! Patrick thought. 
Jumping on to his surfboard, he grabbed a bottle of glue from his back pocket and yelled “Apply the sauce!” and he stuck his feet firmly to his board. Once in the water, Patrick entered a huge wave. “I will not be separated from this surfboard” He told himself. 
At the end of the barrel there was a big, sharp rock! Spotting the rock, Patrick panicked “Rock! Separate! Separate!” he screamed in horror. SPLIT! He separated from his skeleton! The skeleton landed on the soft white sand as his skin floated into shore. “I like your sandals,” marveled Patrick’s skeleton. Patrick’s flat skin with the piece of the surfboard still stuck on each foot replied “Thanks we’re inseparable.”

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  1. Hey Jouan,
    I love your story and I love your picture to. Great work on adding detail. Awesome job putting your punctuation in the right places. You are very smart. I really like the way you drew Patrick leaning on the side. I drew Patrick standing up straight. GREAT THINKING!!!!!



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