Monday, April 1, 2013

Wacky Surfing Dog! (story)

“Good morning (woof woof!)” I barked at my master. I am a dog and my name is Rockie. “Hey buddie.” My master replied getting up from bed. “Woof” I barked. “Lets have some breakfast.” He said. So we went down stairs. As a dog you may know we like to howl at the mailman and get the mail, I do that every morning. As I eat my breakfast my master reads the newspaper.

“Hey Rockie, do you want to join the wacky dog SURFING competition this year?!” my master asked me. “Woof! (NO!) ” I answered him. But he doesn't understand! So he believed what he wanted, which is “yes please!” but I said the total opposite. Our entry was the last one to be accepted because the competition was on the next day! So I had no time to practice, I have never surfed my entire life! I was terrified! “Don’t worry Rockie, It’s just like skateboarding and swimming but combined!” my master said in confidence. Knowing that I felt a bit better because I know how to skateboard, not to brag I’m pretty good at it and I LOVE swimming!

The next day, I was in my safety gear and my wacky lion costume ready to surf! I decided to wear my lion costume to the competition, after all it is a WACKY dog surfing competition. Getting to the beach where the big surfing competition was held, I was still terrified. I saw a lot of other dogs of all shape and sizes and all sorts of WACKY costumes. I guess it’s not just me wearing a WACKY/stupid costume, I thought. We got to the starting line, my master strapped me onto the the board, “You can do this, just try not to fall off!” he said. “READY... SET... GO!!!” And off we went. At first I was wobbly but then I remember my skateboarding skills. Suddenly I was balanced and calm, I wanted to stay like that for the rest of the time.

Balancing on my glittering blue, I past all of the other dogs that were in front of me! I thought it was smooth sailing from there but cats was I wrong! It just got harder and harder as the weather got worse. Waves tumbled most of the other dogs behind me. On top of my out balanced board, I gripped on tightly, so not to fall off. There were many rocks poking out of the sea unexpectedly. Carefully passing many obstacles the sea has given me, I saw my saviour from all this madness, the finish line! “You can do this, fight FIGHT!” I motivated myself. In the end I was floating past the finish line. I was #1!!! “You did it Rockie; you're the winner!” Yelled my master. “WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!” I howled proudly. THE END

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